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  • Product description

    Drive modules MD 24 / 28 (for 2-phase stepper motors)


    The step motor drive modules MD24/MD28 are powerful final stages for 2-phase and 4-phase step motors.


    The modules are micro-step capable and thus allow very quiet running of the connected motors. Due to its particular chopper technology for the motor current, identical motors can deliver higher speeds and torques than conventional, comparable drive modules.


    The clocking/direction interface also allows simple connection to various motion controllers or a PLC.





    High performance, low noise

    Power supply up to 50 V DC (80 V DC)*

    Output current up to 4.2 A (7.8 A)*

    Automatic current reduction

    Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase stepper motors

    Clock / direction interface

    Input frequency for clock input up to 300 KHz

    15 (14)* selectable resolutions up to 25,600 steps/rev (51,200 steps/rev)*

    Opto-isolated, TTL-compatible inputs

    Protection against short-circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent*

    * MD 28