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  • Product description

    Control PC iPC 25


    The iPC25 universal PC controller is a Windows-or Linux-compatible controller at a favourable price/performance ratio. Its versatile applications may be found throughout the entire industry sector and in various consumer sectors. All connections are made on the front. The multifunctional panel offers a wide range of connection options. Inter alia, a CAN interface with either 1 or 2 channels is available. A remote interface is available for covered installation (e.g. in a cabinet or in the interior of a motor vehicle). Installation is possible both in the "standing" and "lying" positions.




    Universal PC controller

    Robust, impact-proof aluminium casing

    Compact configuration

    Various installation options

    Energy-efficient and low-noise

    Supply voltage 12VDC

    Front multifunctional panel for versatile connection options

    Design with hard disk or solid state disk (optional)

    Windows and Linux-compatible

    Passive cooling

    On the front 12V connector

    Access to PC-ON/Power-LED/HDDLED via side-mounted D-SUB9

    Access to the parallel port via side-mounted D-SUB25