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  • Product description

    CAN-PCI- / CAN-PCI-express-board iCC 10/20 and iCCE 10/20




    CAN-PCI- / CAN-PCI-express-boards offer a simple solution for connecting a CAN bus to the PCI bus system of a PC (e.g. iPC 15).

    With the CAN PCI board and based on the CANopen standard and Windows operating system, a software package for CNC control is supplied. Up to two

    CNC machines can even be controlled from one PC with the iCC 20 and iCCE 20.

    A programming interface for creating custom user interfaces is also available. The board can also be used in conjunction with CoDeSys V2.3.






    Mechanical dimensions:

    iCC 10/20: 119.5 × 47.3 mm

    iCCE 10/20: 137 × 69 mm


    1 or 2-channel CAN connector: RJ45,shielded

    CAN bus galvanically isolated

    Transfer rates up to 1 Mbit / sec

    Multi-channel CNC control for PCs with

    NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 (32/64 bit)

    (used more than 5000 times worldwide)

    Communication via the bus with the

    CANopen standard

    DLL programming interface for creating

    own user software